Posted here is the Clan Law revision project.

This project was undertaken to streamline, clarify, and overall make the laws more user friendly (they had grown to a confusing patchwork over the years, resulting in non-compliance and inconsistency). Where possible, wording has been shifted to a "friendlier" tone.

The number of subheadings have been increased for greater organization and logical grouping of related items.

The online version is easiest to navigate. It should also be easier to read on your mobile devices. Note there are a few links to the "gloss". The gloss is not part of the laws but second document for elaboration and reference links. It is a work in progress and presented here only to give the gist of things.

Two word docs have been provided. One is the current law with notes pointing out the need for updates. The other is the proposed laws identical to the online version but with notes referring back to the current laws with brief justifications.

Due to the extensive restructuring for flow and organization, presenting a single coherent "strike thru" document was prohibitive.

If you are dissatisfied with a current law, please consider holding off on major mechanical changes till after the new version is set in place, especially if the law is enforce by simple majority. Otherwise it is recommended that you read through these carefully. Print out a copy and highlight anything you believe did not translate well to the new document for discussion.

Items of controversy will be held off where practicle as we would like to get aproval for non-controversial updates in place quickly.