Braizhauler's Minecraft Server is currently running a custom 1.12.2 Forge pack.

Server Address

First you will need the twitch desktop app...

Then you will search for the Dwarfholm Mod Pack

Mods to make the mobs harder:

EnderRoots Zoo  
Lycanites Mobs Big biome specific mobs
Magma Monster A Magma Monster

Mods to add building & points of intrest to the world:

Roguelike Dungeons Adds overworld structures and procedurally generated dungeons beneath
Ruins Spawns small structures

Mods that add or change Dimensions:

The Betweenlands  
Aether Legacy Adds a harsh heaven that can be reached by putting water in a glowstone portal 
Neather Ex Load of Creatures and biomes in the Nether
Twilight Forest Adds a realm of dungeons and boss fights that can be reached by by building a pool of water surrounded by flowers and throwing in a diamond 

Mods that add Technology:

Ex Nihilo Generates vanila items "from nothing"
Immersive Engineering Multiblock Tech machines
Open Computers Adds lua based console computers and robots
Open Glider Hang Glider
Spartan Weapons & Spartan Sheilds  

Mods that add Magic:

Magical Psi Adds wands and a spell programming interface
Thaumcraft A reasearch intence magic mod
Electroblobs Wizardry  

Mods that add make minor or cosmetic changes:

Antique Atlas World mapping
Better Foliage Makes trees look cooler
Just Enough Items Recipe help
IKWIDI know what I'm doing, No Tutorial
Quark Lots of small nice changes
Rustic Candles, Stone Pillars, and Pretty stuff
Waystones Adds warp stone and warp scrolls to the world
Wearable Backpacks Adds backpacks